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Regardless of how well you care for your teeth, the aging process, lifestyle choices and other factors can cause your teeth to lose their pearly white luster. Professional teeth whitening treatment at BridgeView Dental is a simple, safe procedure that can lighten and brighten your smile and give you the confidence you deserve.

Dr. Loveless offers both in-office and take-home tooth-whitening options. The best way to determine which option is best suited for your aesthetic goals and unique oral health condition is to speak with cosmetic dentist Dr. Loveless in person. Please call us today at 512-347-8299 to schedule a consultation at our Austin office. We happily welcome patients from Lakeway and West Lake Hills and neighboring communities.

Zoom! Teeth Whitening System

The Zoom! teeth whitening system makes it possible for Dr. Loveless to significantly brighten your smile in just one dental visit. During the process:

  • A gum guard is placed in your mouth to protect your lips and gums from the powerful whitening gel.
  • Whitening gel is applied to your teeth.
  • Dr. Loveless exposes your teeth to the Zoom! LED light multiple times for approximately 15-minutes each time.

Professional Teeth Whitening with Zoom | Austin, TexasThe Zoom! light is used to activate the whitening agents in the gel, producing the bright, dazzling level of whiteness you desire. Zoom! offers a number of advantages over store-bought teeth whitening systems, such as:

  • Safety: In-office whitening treatments are the safest way to brighten your smile. Dr. Loveless will closely monitor your procedure to make sure that the process is proceeding correctly and that your gums are protected throughout the treatment.
  • Longevity: The Zoom! system is designed to ensure your smile continues to gleam over a long period of time. With occasional at-home touch ups and continued commitment to good oral hygiene, you can enjoy your results for years to come*.
  • Effectiveness: Zoom! can whiten your teeth several shades lighter.
  • Speed: Many tooth whitening systems can take weeks or even months to whiten your teeth just a few shades brighter. However, with the Zoom! in-office treatment, most patients enjoy the full results in just 45 minutes*.

Teeth Whitening at Home

In order to achieve optimal results with our take-home whitening kit, we will fabricate teeth whitening trays that are custom-crafted to fit your upper and lower teeth precisely. The teeth whitening kit comes with a professional-strength gel which can be applied in the comfort of your own home.

With proper use, your smile will brighten dramatically within just a couple of weeks. Our patients are typically exuberant about their results.

How Much Does Professional Teeth Whitening Cost?

The tooth whitening treatments at BridgeView Dental can vary depending on the type of system you choose. Teeth whitening treatment is provided at no additional cost during a new patient exam and cleaning.

Free Teeth Whitening for Life

At BridgeView dental, we believe everyone deserves a bright beautiful smile they can be proud of. That’s why we offer a free teeth whitening for life program!

Following your new patient exam, cleaning and X-rays, we will provide you with a free whitening kit – a $350 value. You will continue to receive complimentary kits at each six-month check-up.

Schedule Your Tooth Whitening Session Today

If you are ready to get the brilliant smile and improved self-confidence you deserve, please contact BridgeView Dental today online or at 512-347-8299 to schedule your teeth whitening consultation with Dr. Loveless. We proudly serve patients from Austin, Lakeway and West Lake Hills.

*Results may vary