"I came to see Dr. Loveless for a dental implant consult. From the moment I stepped in the door, his entire staff was very accommodating and made me feel at ease. This was my first implant and I had some anxiety. They were very patient and thorough in answering my questions. The implant procedure was quick and I didn't even need stitches. Dr. Loveless is gentle and I recommend BridgeView Dental to anyone who may have some apprehensions about going to the dentist. They will take the best care of you!"

"I had been with the same dentist for over 14 years until I met with the team at BridgeView Dental. I was a little hesitant in working with a new dentist, but like upgrading an old mattress, you find out quick you made the right decision. Dr. Loveless and team are amazing. Their expertise, technology and staff are the best I have experienced in my 47 years. I would highly recommend BridgeView Dental to anyone looking for a dentist."

"I am writing this as a testimonial to Xtine Rivera with BridgeView Dental. I haven’t been to the dentist, in well, let’s say a while. Not only was Xtine and her staff incredibly calming throughout the entire process, but they provided me with the best dental care and explained step-by-step what was happening which put me at ease. While working with Xtine, she exudes the following personal and professional qualities:
-Personalized & customized service;
-Honest opinion;
-Solution to making "your smile go that extra mile;" and
-Working within your budget.
I am proud to refer friends, family and especially VIP clients to Xtine Rivera and Dr. Loveless for their quality dental assistance.

"I had not been to a dentist for two years because of a bad experience so I was a bit nervous about visiting Dr. Loveless' office. He and his team were very professional and caring. They listened to my concerns and addressed them directly which made me feel calm and confident about the treatment I received. I have seen huge improvement in my gum health after working with the hygienist and am grateful to be back on a healthy teeth and gum path! If you avoid the dentist because of past experience, this is a great place for you!"

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