Teeth Extractions in
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While our dentist is committed to saving your teeth through restorative dentistry, we know teeth extractions are sometimes necessary. For teeth extractions in Austin, trust your care with our compassionate dental team.

Teeth Extractions in Austin

Your permanent teeth are meant to last a lifetime, but in the case of wisdom teeth, teeth extraction is often the best form of treatment. At BridgeView Dental, our professional team will do everything we can to make your extraction as simple and stress-free as possible. Ask us about our variety of sedation options to ensure your comfort.

Decayed or damaged teeth can often be repaired to avoid extraction. However, sometimes teeth extractions are necessary to improve or maintain your dental health. Common reasons for teeth extraction include:

  • Braces: If your teeth are too crowded to be easily aligned with braces, our dentist may recommend an extraction to help your teeth realign properly with orthodontic treatment.
  • Infection: While an infected tooth can usually be saved through root canal treatment, sometimes this treatment isn’t enough, and the tooth must be extracted to prevent the spread of infection.
  • Advanced gum disease: If advanced gum disease (periodontitis) has caused your teeth to loosen, it may be necessary to remove the affected teeth.

Wisdom teeth are the third set of molars in the back of your mouth and usually come in between the ages of 17 and 25. When they erupt, they can crowd your mouth and cause other dental problems for years to come. Common reasons for wisdom teeth extraction include:

  • Your wisdom teeth are impacted: Wisdom teeth can often remain trapped in your jawbone or gums. This condition is painful and can only be alleviated through extraction.
  • Your wisdom teeth come in at the wrong angle: Sometimes when your wisdom teeth erupt, they press against your other teeth. This pressure can chip, crack and even break the surrounding teeth.
  • Your mouth is too small: Your jaw has no room for the extra set of molars and becomes crowded, forcing your other teeth out of alignment

Teeth extractions are routine procedures and can be easily performed in our office. Depending on your needs, our dentist will administer one of our four sedation options. We offer local anesthetic, general anesthesia, oral sedation and laughing gas to our patients. Once you are numbed and under your sedation of choice, the extraction is performed.

You will experience swelling and mild discomfort for up to three days, which you can treat with a cold compress and approved pain reliever. Be sure to follow our dentist’s instructions for a faster and more comfortable recovery.

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Elizabeth E.

Great overall experience! They were very friendly and calming for my first time here. It was a pleasure with all of the staff, and Dr. Loveless did a superb job along with Joanna at setting up my individualized treatment plan. Thanks so much!!!

Daniela M.

Only the best dental office in Austin! From my initial checkup, through Invisalign and post-invisalign care.

Leslie K.

I am very happy with Bridgeview Dental and impressed with their services. I have had a full exam, cleaning and filling done and they are absolutely professional, smooth and knowledgeable with everything they do. If you are looking for a dentist- look no further. This is a great office with a great staff ready to take great care of you.
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