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Seniors and Oral Health

Like every part of the body, a person’s mouth, teeth, and gums deteriorate and weaken in old age, leaving senior citizens vulnerable to tooth decay and various periodontal diseases. As you get older, it is especially important to continue brushing at least twice a day with fluoride toothpaste and visiting a dentist every six months. With age, your teeth and mouth become more susceptible to darkened teeth, dry mouth, oral cancer, and gum diseases, so it is important to be aware of these dangers and seek professional care if you are experiencing anything irregular.

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Oral Problems Facing Seniors

As you get older, there are many potential threats to your oral health. Some of these are cosmetic while others could drastically change your life and overall health. Some of the most common oral health problems that seniors face are:

  • Yellowed teeth – teeth will naturally darken from years of drinking tea, coffee, and wine, or from plaque buildup
  • Dry mouth – less saliva may lead to tooth decay
  • Tooth decay and gum diseases – many different factors can lead to gum diseases, like gingivitis
  • Oral cancer – see your doctor immediately if you have any red or white patches on your tongue, gums, or mouth, as these could be signs of oral cancer

If you have any signs of oral health problems, contact or visit a dental professional immediately to get the timely treatment you need.

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