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What is Scaling and Root Planing?

There are many parts of dental checkups and cleanings people experience, but may not understand the purpose of the treatment. One of these actions is known as scaling and root planing, also known as non-surgical periodontal therapy or deep cleaning. The purpose of scaling and root planing is to remove dental plaque and other agents that cause inflammation and possible periodontal disease or tooth decay. Root planing can help treat gum disease before it becomes too severe. Dentists will typically perform scaling and root planing when the gums begin pulling away from the teeth or tartarhas built up on the teeth roots.

It is important to have routine visits to the dentist so he or she can check for tooth decay or gum disease and decide if scaling and root planing is right for you. For more information and to schedule an appointment, contact an Austin dentist of BridgeView Dental at 512-347-8299 today.

Scaling and Root Planing

Scaling and root planing is a fairly routine procedure; however, there are some cases when the dental professional may have to use a local anesthetic to numb the gums at the root. As a patient, it is important to know that this procedure causes little or no pain and discomfort. Typically, the only side effect is numb gums and lips for a few hours after treatment.

After your dentist performs scaling and root planing, you should be free of gum disease and the gums will return to their normal shape and healthy pink hue. Make sure you speak with a dental professional today if you have questions.

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