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The Worst Food and Drink for Your Teeth

One of the most crucial aspects of maintaining healthy teeth and gums is consuming foods and drinks that promote oral health instead of compromising it. Two of the most damaging types of foods and drinks you can consume are those that contain sugars and starches. Plaque thrives off sugars and starches inside your mouth, increasing your risk of gum disease, enamel loss, and cavities.

You can significantly improve your oral health by being aware of the foods and drinks you consume on a regular basis. For more information about foods that can be damaging to your smile, or to schedule an appointment with an experienced and knowledgeable dentist in Austin, contact the Austin dentists at BridgeView Dental today by calling 512-347-8299.

Avoid These Foods and Drinks

Some of the most damaging foods and drinks for your teeth include the following:

  • Sugary and sticky candy or sweets – The most dangerous sweets are the ones that stay in your mouth for a long time such as lollipops and cough drops, or those that stick to your teeth.
  • Sugary and acidic drinks – Drinks such as sodas, sports drinks, and any other beverages with acid can negatively affect your oral health.
  • Foods with large amount of starch – This includes bread and potato chips that get caught in between teeth fairly easily
  • Lemons

By avoiding these foods and drinks, you can take active steps to promote a healthy and beautiful smile.

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