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The Procedure of Getting Partial Dentures

Dentures can be used to replace missing teeth or sections of teeth. While total dentures replace whole sets of teeth, sometimes a person does not need this much work and would instead benefit from partial dentures. Partial dentures, which are sometimes referred to as “overdentures,” are utilized when only a section or piece of a tooth has become overly damaged or is missing. They can be used to make a person’s teeth appear perfectly normal, and can add strength and durability to one’s mouth.

Getting Partial Dentures

The procedure for getting dentures is fairly standard, whether you’re getting total or partial dentures; the main difference is the comprehensiveness of the two procedures. When one is getting partial dentures, the following process will likely occur:

  • Measuring of mouth
  • Creating an impression of one’s mouth
  • Test-run with temporary dentures
  • Making necessary adjustments to assist with comfort
  • Further adjustments once permanent dentures are created

This process remains the same whether you get full or partial dentures. Dentists prioritize the health and comfort of each patient, so the test-run with partial dentures is important to ensuring that his or her comfort is maximized.

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