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Replacing Old Metal Fillings

When a tooth becomes damaged either from tooth decay or physical trauma, dentists can repair the damage and restore the tooth using dental fillings. Tooth decay is common in patients of all ages; therefore, fillings are a very common dental procedure. And although old gold, silver, and grey fillings can repair the damage to your teeth, they cannot always give you an aesthetically pleasing or confident smile you want to show off to the world. Fortunately, there are other options to get you beautiful fillings that blend in with your natural tooth color.

Do not spend another day afraid of smiling or laughing because of your old or unappealing metal fillings. To discuss your treatment options with an experienced and caring dental professional, contact the Austin dental experts of BridgeView Dental at 512-347-8299 to schedule an appointment.

Alternative Filling Options

If you have old and unsightly metal fillings your self-esteem and social comfort level can be negatively affected. ,There is no need to continue feeling self-conscious about your smile. Some alternative filling material options include the following:

  • Composite – also known as white fillings, composite fillings are usually made of a resin-based material
  • Porcelain – can be used as fillings are even as in-lays to restore your tooth and also match your natural tooth color and shape
  • Veneers – can be used to hide ugly fillings as opposed to replacing them
  • Glass ionomer cement
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