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Orthodontic Braces

Orthodontic braces are used by orthodontists to help straighten or align teeth or to fix a person’s bite and overall dental health. Braces can treat a wide variety of conditions such as under bites, cross bites, and overbites, as well as crooked or misaligned teeth. If your jaw or teeth are misaligned, you may want to speak with a dental professional about how braces can benefit you.

Crooked teeth or a jaw disorder may not only cause cosmetic problems, but it may also affect your overall dental health. To speak with a qualified professional about the appropriateness of braces for your condition, contact the Austin orthodontists of BridgeView Dental at 512-347-8299.

The Process of Using Braces

Braces are typically composed of metal wires or bands bonded to the teeth and are worn for roughly two years. Although many people believe braces are only for children, it is frequently the case that adults may also wish to consider using them. The process of being fitted for and wearing braces is essentially as follows:

  • Making a mold of the patient’s teeth
  • X-raying the mouth and jaw
  • Putting braces on teeth and jaws using a strong adhesive
  • Adjusting the wire to gradually shift teeth into place
  • Removing braces and either putting in a permanent retainer or wearing one at night to keep teeth from shifting back

Although many people think braces are bulky and unattractive, braces nowadays can be lightweight and even natural-looking. If you think braces may help to resolve a dental health concern that you have, do not hesitate to speak with an orthodontist today.

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