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LVI Specializations

The Las Vegas Institute for Advanced Dental Studies, or LVI, is one of the best dental training institutions, as it is known all over the world for its quality and the continuing education it offers. The LVI provides training in many different areas of dental work, allowing dentists from various geographic locations to gain further knowledge in more specialized dental practices.

Such advanced training and worldwide recognition make the LVI a much-sought-after institution for post-graduate studies, including a coveted fellowship that is not awarded to very many students. In fact, only 500 fellows have this distinguished honor offered to them.

Special Areas of Study

As new technologies and methods of treatment are discovered and perfected, dentists will have to receive training and ongoing education to keep up with these new discoveries. The LVI allows dentists to study a variety of specializations, including the following:

  • Advanced aesthetics dentistry
  • Orthotic maintenance
  • Advanced functional restorative dentistry
  • Coronplasty and case finishing
  • Advanced restorative dentistry

These areas of specialization that a dentist can study at the LVI can make that dentist more advanced and better able to treat his or her patients, allowing you, as a patient, to rest assured knowing that your dentist has the expertise to handle your dental situation.

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