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Laser: The Alternative Solution to Traditional Gum Treatment

Gum disease is a devastating condition that starts as an irritation. And if the patient fails to seek treatment, it can more likely lead to the deterioration of the jawbone, loose teeth, or eventually missing teeth. Fortunately, despite being a serious dental issue, gum disease is preventable and treated if professional assistance is sought. Thanks to the continuous innovations in dentistry, better methods and equipment are at the dentists’ disposal. For instance, aside from the usual approach to treating gum disease, which makes use of scalpel and sutures, there is now laser treatment.

Laser nowadays are being used in various industries, but who would have thought that the extremely focused light beams are being utilized in dentistry as well. In terms of treating gum disease, using laser serves as a nonsurgical alternative to gingivectomy. For our patients at BridgeView Dental to know more about the advantages laser treatment offers over the traditional approach, continue reading below!

Enhanced healing time

One of the differences in using laser for gum treatment is fewer traumas. Thanks to this, the patient is less likely to experience sensitivity, swelling, and soreness in the treated site. With this feat, laser dentistry is even considered less painful compared to other available treatments.

Increased recovery speed

Patients who will consider the use of laser for their treatment can expect that they can use the full function of their mouth in no time; that is thanks to the improved healing time it offers.

Firmer teeth

During a laser gum treatment, the deep pockets can be eliminated and bone health to improve. Through this, the teeth will be firmer, and their functions improved.

Promote bone regeneration

Traditional gum surgery is performed to eliminate the infection present and prevent it from causing more trouble. On the other hand, laser gum treatment also promotes the bone to reform, especially in areas where deeper pockets are present.

All in all, laser gum treatment offers a faster, more convenient, and painless approach to treating gum disease.

Everyone should stay vigilant of their oral health by scheduling routine appointments and taking action if the dentist happens to recommend a particular procedure. If signs of gum infection are present, take advantage of our Gum Disease Treatment offers in Austin, TX! And for a pleasant overall experience, why not enquire about the qualifications for a laser treatment. Call or visit us at BridgeView Dental to get started.

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