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Dentist charged with unnecessarily giving veneers to children

A family dentist in his fifties was recently brought to trial for giving children veneers. The parents of the children who were given veneers filed a lawsuit against the man, saying that he cared more about profits than the well-being of his patients.

The man was found to have been giving children under the age of sixteen veneers. Veneers, which involve the filing down of teeth so that small pieces of enamel can be placed over the teeth, is not recommended for young children because their teeth are still growing. The man gave at least eleven patients veneers, all of whom were found to not need them. One woman testified that she had cavities, and, rather than treating the cavities, the dentist just gave her veneers.

The man was suspended from practicing dentistry and will be going to trial this summer to face the charges brought against him.Veneers can be beneficial to many individuals who would like a better smile. To learn more about veneers, please contact the Austin veneer dentist, Lance Loveless, DDS, at 512-347-8299.

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