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Army’s improved dental health means combat readiness for soldiers

Soldiers’ combat readiness can be improved by providing them with dental treatment in the field, according to experts.

During a Warrior Exercise at Fort Hunter Liggett, California that took place on March 18, U.S. Army Col. Enrique Garcia said soldiers are more “deployable” if dental treatment is provided in the field. More than 3,500 soldiers were able to benefit from the dental treatment provided in the field that bypasses the voucher system otherwise provided by the military that could take days or months for a solider to get treatment. According to Garcia, a toothache can take a soldier “out of the mix,” like other injuries.

With dental treatment in the field, commanders can have their troops examined and improve their deployment classification if they have not been examined over a year.Getting quality dental work is a priority for most people. In order to receive the top-of-the-line careyou want, call the dental experts of Bridgeview Dental at 512-347-8299 and schedule an appointment today.

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