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All About Gingivectomy in Austin, TX

Dealing with gum disease, especially the advanced stage of the condition, is quite challenging. But in today’s time where the field of dentistry is continually flourishing, problems like the periodontal disease is no longer much of a concern. Different dental procedures emerged along with newer techniques, giving patients a positive experience in the dental chair. Here at BridgeView Dental, for instance, we offer scaling and root planing, laser treatment, root surface debridement, pocket reduction, and gingivectomy for patients with gum disease. These treatments are laid out depending on the degree of a patient’s periodontal problem. One of the effective gum disease therapies that can be used to alter the aesthetic of the smile is gingivectomy. Let us give you a broader background about it below.


What’s unique about gingivectomy is that it serves two purposes: bring back the healthy state of the gums and enhance the appearance of the person’s smile. Gingivectomy is a surgical treatment that involves the removal of the affected gum tissue or the excess gingiva to mend a gummy smile. The procedure also cures the early form of gum disease, gingivitis. People who suffer from receding gums due to bacterial infections, aging, injuries to the soft tissue, and gum disease are advised to undergo gingivectomy. The usual process takes 30 minutes to an hour to finish. The more gum tissue that needs to be detached, the longer it is for the treatment to be completed. Below are the things to expect when receiving a gingivectomy procedure:

  • The numbing of the areas that need the surgery. The dentist will use local anesthesia to numb the gums as well.
  • The removal of gum tissue—soft tissue incision—using a scalpel or laser tool.
  • The remaining tissue is vaporized while the gumline is shaped.
  • The application of a special substance with a soft and putty-like consistency on the newly treated site. Bandages are also placed to provide sufficient protection to the gums during the healing period.

Recovering from gingivectomy is easy and quick. Although discomfort and pain may get in the way, considering that the procedure is surgical, over-the-counter pain relievers can help them subside. Sticking to soft foods is advised to avoid harming the treated gums and aggravating irritations. Ice packs soothe pain, and saltwater rinse alleviates bacterial growth—better use them both during the recovery period.

Don’t worry about the healing time of gingivectomy. The pain and discomfort present after the procedure are expected to fade away after a week or so.

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