In-House Dental Savings Plan
for Patients Without Insurance

To keep your teeth and gums healthy, you need to receive professional dental care. Individuals and families who have dental insurance are more likely to come in for the preventive and restorative treatments that they need. Unfortunately, many people who don’t have dental insurance don’t seek the care they deserve because they are concerned about the cost.

At BridgeView Dental, we understand that not everyone has dental insurance. But that shouldn’t keep you and your family from treatments that can give you healthy, functional, and beautiful smiles. That’s why we are proud to provide an in-house dental savings plan for our patients without insurance.

To learn more about our savings plan or to enroll, please contact us today by calling or texting at (512) 265-5818. We happily serve patients from Austin, Round Rock, and nearby areas of Texas.  

What is the In-House Savings Plan?

Family covered under BridgeView Dental in-house savings planOur in-house dental savings plan can help make your dental visits more affordable so that you can get the quality dental care you want and need. This in-house plan is not dental insurance, but it does provide you and your family with significant savings when you visit our practice.

For a small yearly fee, you and any eligible family members on your plan will receive tremendous discounts on our regular office fees at BridgeView Dental. The average patient would save $600 for routine hygiene visits alone!

Yearly membership dues:

Your entire family is eligible for the savings plan! Members, spouses, and their dependent children under the age of 23 can all be included on one plan.

Benefits of the BridgeView Dental Savings Plan

Our reduced fee dental plan can help you fit dental treatments into your budget, even without insurance. Enroll in our plan to get the treatments you need at prices that you can afford. Our plan even offers some distinct advantages over traditional dental insurance.

The benefits of our savings plan include:

What Treatments are Covered by the Savings Plan?

Examination – 100% Covered

X-Rays – 100% Covered

Preventive Care – 100% Covered

Basic Services – 20% Discount

Major Services – 15% Discount

All Other Non-listed Treatments – 10% Discount

The savings plan is for dental treatments and services only. It does not provide coverage or a discount for any products.

Terms of Service

If you have any questions about the terms of service listed below, please contact us. We would be happy to discuss the details of the savings plan with you.

Learn More About Receiving Dental Care in Austin Without Insurance

If you do not have dental insurance, please call or text us at (512) 265-5818 to learn how our in-house savings plan can make your dental visits affordable. At BridgeView Dental, we proudly welcome patients from Austin, Round Rock, and nearby areas of Texas. 

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