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May 20, 2017
Acid reflux disease is a very common condition; in fact, about 7 million people suffer from this condition, according to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, and this number is only increasing. Acid reflux causes stomach acid to move up a person’s esophagus because the lower esophageal... Read Full Post
April 09, 2017
That morning coffee or tea may help you wake up so you can face the day, but it, along with a variety of other foods and drinks, can also work over time to stain or discolor your teeth. When your teeth aren’t as white as you want, you may feel embarrassed or self-conscious to smile or talk around... Read Full Post
February 02, 2017
Many people suffer from a variety of cosmetic dental problems, many of which keep people from fully enjoying their daily lives because they are concerned about how their teeth look. However, one popular option that more and more people are taking advantage of are LUMINEERS, which are a specially-... Read Full Post
January 18, 2017
With the innumerable advances made in modern medicine even in the last few years, it’s important that all of the medical services that you invest in are up-to-date, including your dental care. You should be able to trust your dentist to utilize advanced, top-of-the-line technology in order to give... Read Full Post
October 19, 2016
The joints and muscles in the jaw are some of the most overworked parts of the human body. In fact, the average human moves his or her jaw thousands of times a day for a number of different activities, such as eating or talking. This constant movement and pressure can be detrimental to your overall... Read Full Post
September 02, 2016
Even if you are practicing good oral hygiene habits on a daily basis, maintaining a beautiful and flawless smile can be very difficult. Over time, your teeth will slowly begin showing signs of wear from daily use as well as stains from coffee, tea, and other foods or drinks. In some severe cases,... Read Full Post
August 11, 2016
Since childhood, most people have heard that sugary foods like candy and soda will eventually cause cavities and other oral health problems. And while it is important to know about these types of food and drink, it is also important to know what you should be replacing candy and soda with to... Read Full Post
July 27, 2016
For children, Halloween isn’t complete until they get to go trick or treating through their neighborhood, collecting as much free candy as possible. And while this tradition is sacred for millions of kids across the country, it can be a nightmare for parents and dentists. As a parent, you want your... Read Full Post
June 21, 2016
Cleaning and taking care of your teeth can sometimes be challenging, but it can be even more difficult with orthodontic braces. One of the most important concerns for patients wearing braces is how they can properly clean their teeth to prevent tooth decay or other dental problems. Fortunately, you... Read Full Post
May 26, 2016
Toothaches are rather common complaints from people, but they can be signs of a serious health concern. While a toothache may not seem like an emergency initially, it can easily develop into a very painful or uncomfortable nagging in your mouth. A toothache may be a sign of a worse condition, so it... Read Full Post