The Dangers of Over-Bleaching or Over-Whitening Your Teeth

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Over the past decade, teeth bleaching and whitening have become very popular for people of all ages across the U.S. Everyone wants to have a beautiful white smile they can show off, but it can be difficult to achieve while drinking coffee, wine, or enjoying other foods that may stain your teeth. With today’s over-the-counter teeth whitening kits, it is easier than ever to bleach your teeth in the convenience of your own home, but, if overused, these kits could potentially damage your teeth.

Before you use over-the-counter teeth whitening or bleaching kits, it is important that you consult with a dental professional about how to appropriately use these kits. Even better, a dentist in Austin can provide you with customized whitening or bleaching services that are tailored to your teeth’s needs. For more information about teeth whitening, contact an Austin dentist of BridgeView Dental today at 512-347-8299.

Potential Hazards

When individuals choose to whiten or bleach their teeth multiple times in a short period, they are subjecting their teeth to long-term damage. Overexposure to these concentrated bleaching gels can wear away the pulp, or the nerve chamber, of the tooth. Many bleaching gels can permeate deep into the dentine of a tooth and cause permanent damage to the pulp, leaving you with tooth pain.

Studies have shown that those who use a carbamide peroxide gel with concentration over 30 percent along with a halogen light for over 40 minutes are at a higher risk of potential long-term damage. Instead, people should seek gels with concentrations between 10 and 25 percent or products with sodium bicarbonate or peroxide.

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