Five tips to keep your teeth and gums healthy

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While daily brushing, flossing, and bi-annual visits to your dental professional are the best known foundations for healthy teeth and gums, the American Academy of Periodontology has recently published five tips on how to fight against periodontal disease that go beyond your bathroom sink.

– Eat and drink healthy: Foods that are high in vitamin-D, omega-3, calcium, and honey have been shown to prevent and ease the severity of periodontal disease.

– See your GP: Regular visits to your doctor can help with the early diagnosis of periodontal and gum disease. People with diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, and cardiovascular disease are also much more likely to have gum disease due to increased inflammation.

– Work out: Studies show that people who maintain a healthy weight and regularly exercise have lower chances of severe periodontitis.

– Quit smoking: Smoking increases the risk for several types of oral cancer and can increase your risk of of periodontal disease as well as negatively affect treatments for the disease.

– Relax: When you’re stressed, the body makes more cortisol- which can increase the deterioration of gums and bone.

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