Benefits of Veneers

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Even if you are practicing good oral hygiene habits on a daily basis, maintaining a beautiful and flawless smile can be very difficult. Over time, your teeth will slowly begin showing signs of wear from daily use as well as stains from coffee, tea, and other foods or drinks. In some severe cases, your teeth may even become cracked or chipped. Fortunately, veneers can help you to regain your beautiful smile.

If you are considering veneers, it is advisable to speak with an experienced and skilled dental professional about the potential benefits given your situation. For capable and friendly assistance, contact the Austin veneer specialists of BridgeView Dental at 512-347-8299 to schedule a free consultation.

How Can Veneers Benefit You

Veneers are extremely thin laminates that are placed on the front of teeth to give the impression of a beautiful, white, and healthy smile. Not only can veneers help give you a confident smile, but they can also protect a chipped or cracked tooth from any additional damage. Some other benefits of veneers include the following:

  • Give an individual a more confident smile, therefore improving their self-esteem
  • Fix a number of cosmetic blemishes from discoloration to even broken teeth
  • Can last up to 15 years
  • Veneers have a very natural appearance

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There is no need to go through each day being self-conscious about your smile. To identify an appropriate course of treatment and learn more about veneers or other cosmetic dental procedures, contact an Austin veneer specialist of BridgeView Dental by calling 512-347-8299 today.