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Link between poverty and dental health discussed in forum

Public forum in Grand Forks, North Dakota discussed the connection between poverty and dental health in order to discuss how things can be worked on at the state level. Participants in the forum discussed how financial setbacks can prevent people from being able to afford dental care. Poverty has a huge impact on whether a […]

Army’s improved dental health means combat readiness for soldiers

Soldiers’ combat readiness can be improved by providing them with dental treatment in the field, according to experts. During a Warrior Exercise at Fort Hunter Liggett, California that took place on March 18, U.S. Army Col. Enrique Garcia said soldiers are more “deployable” if dental treatment is provided in the field. More than 3,500 soldiers […]

X-Rays may be linked to brain tumor development

A new study published this week shows evidence that there is a connection between dental X-rays and the development of certain brain tumors, meningioma. This study does not prove that the X-rays cause tumors to develop, but it does show that their may be connection between the X-rays and thyroid cancer. Dental professionals have stated […]

Brazilian researchers learn of new ways to disinfect dentures

Just like real teeth, dentures need to be brushed and flossed regularly to keep them clean and safe for use. Additionally, they need to be disinfected in order to remove the film of bacteria that develops on them over time. If dentures are not disinfected, the bacteria that multiply on them can eventually lead to […]

Dentist charged with unnecessarily giving veneers to children

A family dentist in his fifties was recently brought to trial for giving children veneers. The parents of the children who were given veneers filed a lawsuit against the man, saying that he cared more about profits than the well-being of his patients. The man was found to have been giving children under the age […]

Spending for Valentine’s day reaches all-time high

This year, Valentine’s spending is at an all-time high reaching over $17 billion in candy, jewelry, cards and other private items. According to the National Retail Federation, the average person will spend roughly $120 on their loved one this Valentine’s Day. This total is the highest that it has been in over 10 years. The […]

Dentistry professor wins H. Trendley Dean Memorial Award

Professor Helen Worthington, from the University of Manchester School of Dentistry, has won the H. Trendley Dean Memorial Award. The international award is given out by the International Association for Dental Research for notable research in epidemiology and public health and is one of its highest honors. Worthington is renowned for her ability to systematically review dental […]

The Worst Food and Drink for Your Teeth

One of the most crucial aspects of maintaining healthy teeth and gums is consuming foods and drinks that promote oral health instead of compromising it. Two of the most damaging types of foods and drinks you can consume are those that contain sugars and starches. Plaque thrives off sugars and starches inside your mouth, increasing your risk of gum disease, […]

Laser: The Alternative Solution to Traditional Gum Treatment

Gum disease is a devastating condition that starts as an irritation. And if the patient fails to seek treatment, it can more likely lead to the deterioration of the jawbone, loose teeth, or eventually missing teeth. Fortunately, despite being a serious dental issue, gum disease is preventable and treated if professional assistance is sought. Thanks […]

What it Means to Be a Good Dentist

You want a dentist who can help maintain your oral health, provide safe treatments, and engage in open and honest communication with you. You should feel confident in their skill and experience. Simply put, when looking for a dentist, you want to find a good one. What does the term “good dentist” mean to a […]