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Many people underestimate the importance of the joints and jaw muscles when it comes to overall dental health. However, you use your jaw on a daily basis to eat, drink, talk, and perform a number of other functions. Therefore, when the muscles and joints aren’t properly aligned, you could suffer from a number of consequences, one of which is teeth clenching. Similar to teeth grinding, teeth clenching puts strain and wear on your jaw as opposed to the wearing down or teeth chipping that teeth grinding causes.

At BridgeView Dental, we can utilize neuromuscular technology to increase your quality of life by improving your oral health. If you or someone you know is suffering from teeth clenching, you should discuss your treatment options with a skilled dental professional. To learn more about your treatment options, contact our Austin neuromuscular dentists today at 512-347-8299 and speak with a caring and compassionate member of our staff.

Damaging Effects of Teeth Clenching

Teeth clenching is generally an additional side effect of teeth grinding, also known as bruxism. Typically, teeth clenching occurs at night while you are sleeping, causing you to wake up with neck aches, headaches, and sore teeth.

Bruxism puts an extraordinary amount of stress and pressure on your teeth, causing health and aesthetic problems. When you clench your teeth at night, you may also move your jaw slightly back and forth or side to side. Not only can this damage your teeth, but it can also damage the temporomandibular joint, causing severe pain and discomfort.

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Our Austin neuromuscular dentists of BridgeView Dental know how uncomfortable and painful teeth clenching can be. Let us talk with you about neuromuscular treatment options to help get your jaw properly aligned. Contact us today at 512-347-8299 to schedule an appointment.

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