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Teeth can take a fair share of wear over time. However, between drinks that wear down enamel and the immense pressures of physical trauma, some teeth just cannot hold up as the years go by. Also, many people have a habit of grinding their teeth, even though they may not be conscious of it. This can significantly cut back on a tooth’s longevity, requiring a person to seek dental treatment. In these cases, a dental crown can be a great option.

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Benefits of Dental Crowns

Unlike direct dental treatments, crowns are made outside of a person’s mouth. The dentist will make a mold of the patient’s teeth and create a crown according to this model. This system makes crowns a great choice for tooth restoration. Consider some of the following benefits of dental crowns:

  • Regulating the appearance of teeth
  • Repairing damage done to a tooth
  • Fitting more comfortably than some other treatment options
  • Providing a relatively long-lasting solution

Most crowns are cited as lasting at least 10 years before they need replacement. However, depending on the type of crown and the habits of the patient, dental crowns can last even longer. With proper dental hygiene and good oral health, some crowns may continue to hold up for many years.

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If your teeth have been significantly damaged over time and need to be repaired, a dental crown may be right for you. To learn more about restoring your smile, contact Austin crown dentist Lance Loveless, D.D.S., of BridgeView Dental today by calling 512-347-8299.

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