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For many patients, applying a crown allows for a sturdy solution to serious tooth health concerns. Especially for those who have ground their teeth habitually for several years, the damage done to a tooth may require dental repair. Crowns can also help those who have lost significant portions of their teeth to tooth decay or from physical injury. However, to apply the porcelain or gold to a tooth, the dentist must first surgically prepare the tooth.

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Crown Lengthening Procedures

A crown lengthening is the surgical procedure that readies a tooth to receive further dental work, particularly adding a prosthetic. Crowns, which by their indirect molding and fitting are considered prosthetics, require this sort of preparation. The following steps are taken during a crown lengthening:

  • Cutting into the gum
  • Moving back the tissue of the gum to expose the tooth
  • Cutting down the bone of the tooth
  • Matching the tooth to the proper height and width of the crown

After this relatively simple procedure is complete, the patient may receive their crown. This procedure shapes the tooth receiving the crown into a more predictable height or width, making the crown fit more easily. This reduces further work need to adjust the crown into the patient’s mouth later.

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The process of getting a crown placed in is taken very seriously by cosmetic dentists. These additions can make a real difference in someone’s life and how they feel about their smile. To learn more about crowns and the necessary steps to get one, contact Austin bridge and crown dentist, Lance Loveless, D.D.S., today by calling 512-347-8299.

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