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Medication and Heart Disease

There is a definitive link between the health of the teeth and complications with the heart. In particular, plaque build-up may lead to a serious infection in the heart. When treating a patient with serious heart conditions, dentists need to take special precautions before doing any significant work with that individual’s teeth or gums. These additional steps can help prevent a life-threatening bacterial infection from taking root in the patient’s heart.

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Who is at Risk?

When a person with a heart condition comes in for dental work that could involve any sort of bleeding, which, depending on the patient, could include almost any dental work, the dentist needs to take extra precautions. Generally, this means that dentist will prescribe antibiotics for the patient to take before any cleaning or surgery can commence. Patients may be asked to take these antibiotics if they have one of the following heart conditions:

  • Previous bacterial endocarditis infection
  • Installed artificial heart valves
  • Damage or disorders involving the heart valves
  • Various kinds of heart malformations
  • Surgical pulmonary shunts
  • Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy

These patients may prove especially likely to develop an infection in their heart because of the bacteria on and around their teeth.

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