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Infection Control

In any healthcare setting, a major concern for both doctors and patients has become the spread of infection as a result of treatment. Especially in the dentist’s office, the kind of work done in the mouth may mean that any attending staff members can come in contact with a patient’s blood and saliva. If that individual carries some form of infection, this can be a major health risk for both the dental workers and potentially their other patients.

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Working to Fight Infection

There are several steps taken by dental workers to combat the spread of infection within their workplace. Even though the presence of saliva and blood are commonplace in a dentist’s office, regular sanitation can keep patients from sharing infections with attending dental workers. The following are recommended by the Centers for Disease Control:

  • Using gloves, masks, and similar coverings when working with a patient
  • Employing antiseptic sanitation for tools
  • Regular hand-washing after working with a patient
  • Restricting workers suffering from a disease or infection

These standard steps can keep healthcare workers from spreading dangerous infections such as hepatitis, streptococci, or even HIV. At any reputable dentist’s office, this infection control program is taken extremely seriously and followed through for the protection of patient and healthcare worker alike.

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