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When a cavity develops, it may be necessary for a dentist to take action to restore the tooth. These restorations commonly involve the use of a filling to repair the damage to that portion of the tooth. Using materials such as porcelain or synthetic resins, dentists fill in the cavity to prevent further health concerns with that tooth.

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Common Filling Materials

Getting a dental restoration treatment done is a fairly simple process. The dentist examines the cavity and removes any damaged or destroyed tissue. When preparing to add the fillings, the dentist will place the moldable material into the cavity. As the procedure continues, the dentist will occasionally work to harden portions of the filling. Eventually, the filling will replace the missing area inside the cavity.

The following materials are commonly used in dental fillings:

  • Dental composite
  • Porcelain
  • Metals such as gold and silver
  • Glass ionomer cement

Fillings are generally considered a preferred method of restoring a tooth after a cavity. Indirect methods, including veneers and similar treatments, can help patients with severe tooth decay, but are generally reserved for more extensive damage. Additionally, fillings cost less and generally include less intensive procedures to install.

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