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If you are missing teeth, it can not only affect your bite, ability to chew food, and oral hygiene, but it can also severely damage your confidence and self-esteem. Missing teeth can cause large gaps in your mouth where food and other particles can get trapped, increasing your risk of tooth decay or periodontal diseases. Fortunately, there are many possible treatment options for people who want to take action and get a healthy confident smile they can be proud of.

At BridgeView Dental, we know how important a healthy smile is to your confidence and overall quality of life. That is why we are dedicated to helping people just like you get the smile they have always wanted through quality dental care. If you are missing teeth and want to discuss your treatment options, contact a caring and skilled Austin dental professional today at 512-347-8299 to schedule an appointment.

Treatment Options

By taking action, you can improve your overall appearance, confidence, health, and oral hygiene. Some common treatment options for people who are missing teeth include the following:

  • Dentures – plastic or metal frames with false teeth that can be temporary or permanent
  • Bridges – fake teeth that are held by natural teeth surrounding the missing areas
  • Implants – metal pegs that are in your jaw bone that hold dentures or bridges

Your treatment course will depend on how severe your condition is. Make sure you consult with a qualified dental professional today so he or she can assess your situation and help you take action.

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Do not spend another day afraid to open your mouth, talk, or smile. If you have missing teeth, contact an Austin dentist of BridgeView Dental at 512-347-8299 to discuss your treatment options.

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