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Tooth decay or cavities are a very real problem for people of all ages across the United States. In fact, statistics report that adults between the ages of 20 and 64 have an average of 3.28 decayed or missing teeth. With tooth decay this prominent, a large majority of tooth decay victims get their cavities filled to treat the pain and prevent any further damage or decay. Unfortunately, old gold, silver, or dull grey fillings that many people have can be aesthetically unpleasant and may distract people from your confident smile or laugh. Fortunately, there are alternatives to these types of fillings.

At BridgeView Dental, we are committed to helping you get the smile you want. Don’t spend another day with an old and unsightly filling. Contact an Austin fillings dentist today at 512-347-8299 and talk about your treatment options for getting rid of your unsightly or old fillings once and for all.

What Are My Options?

If you have old metal fillings, you probably feel that you aren’t getting the most from your smile. Our dentists believe wholeheartedly however, that you shouldn’t be nervous or apprehensive about smiling or laughing in front of a big group of people. Thus, in order to help you get rid of unattractive fillings, we can provide:

  • Porcelain or composite fillings – these fillings match your natural tooth color and shape, while also repairing any defect or tooth decay like old metal fillings do
  • Veneers – bonded to the front of teeth, hiding ugly metal fillings

These alternatives to metal fillings may give you the smile you’ve been seeking.

Contact Us

To learn more about your treatment options and how you can get rid of your old fillings, contact an Austin filling dentist of BridgeView Dental today at 512-347-8299 and schedule an initial consultation.


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