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For many people who have lost one or more teeth, the appearance of their smile may seem incomplete. As a glimmering row of white teeth can mean so much for a person’s confidence, dentists can provide flexible solutions for their patients’ needs. In particular, dentures are a great option to replace these missing teeth. Dentures look and feel like real teeth while providing the ability to be removed and cleaned for easy maintenance.

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Types of Dentures

Patients in need of a new set of teeth or just a few teeth to fill in some gaps can find a variety of different types of dentures to suit their needs. In addition to the obvious benefits of a better looking smile, dentures can help maintain a patient’s facial profile. The following kinds of dentures are available for patients:

  • Complete dentures, replacing a full set of teeth
  • Partial dentures, replacing only a few teeth
  • Overdentures, which are implanted over the gum
  • Immediate dentures, which are placed directly after remaining teeth are removed
  • Conventional dentures, which are placed after any damaged tissue has healed

With sets of full or complete dentures, it is common for any remaining teeth that are weak or damaged to be removed. This not only makes the process easier in terms of fitting a complete set of dentures, it also rids the patient of any damaged teeth that could cause future pain or discomfort.

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