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Although many people consider teeth to be the only real components of a beautiful smile, the gums play a vital role in maintaining the evenness and symmetry of that smile. For some people, the gums may extend down a significant portion of their teeth. This can cover up the top portions of the tooth, taking away from the pleasing look of a clean row of bright white teeth. For others, gum disease or damage can etch away at small portions of the gum line, creating an uneven appearance.

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Treatments for Excessive or Uneven Gums

In many cosmetic procedures, the general idea is to maintain proper proportions and symmetry. In cases when the gum line has either settled too far down or deviates from a solid, straight line, a cosmetic procedure can adjust the gum line. The following options may be recommended by a cosmetic dentist depending on a patient’s needs:

In the hands of a skilled cosmetic surgeon, each of these procedures can provide a more pleasing look for the gum line. In particular, if a patient’s gums have receded after losing a tooth, a ridge augmentation may be necessary to fill out an indent in that area. This procedure may prove especially useful if the lost tooth has been replaced by an implant.

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