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Canker and Cold Sores

Also known as aphthous ulcers, canker sores are small lesions that form inside your mouth and around your gums. Another type of oral lesions called cold sores typically form on your lips or the side of your mouth. Both canker and cold sores can be irritating and painful as well as unsightly, but unlike cold sores, cankers sores are not contagious.

If you have a canker or cold sore that has lasted over a week, you should consult with a professional dentist to make sure you are not suffering from a severe medical condition. At BridgeView Dental, our Austin dental professionals are here to provide our patients with the best care available. Call us today at 512-347-8299 to schedule an appointment.

Canker Sore Treatment

There are many possible risk factors of mouth sores, ranging from the presence of certain bacteria to poorly-fitting orthodontic wear or dentures. The main cause of canker sores is fairly unknown, but many medical professionals have linked them to immune system deficiencies or a virus. In many cases they are brought on by allergic reactions or periods of stress. Canker sores typically heal with time, but you can treat them with items including:

  • Topical anesthetics
  • Mouth rinses
  • Antibiotics

Treating Cold Sores

Cold sores on the other hand are contagious and are typically linked to the herpes simplex virus type 1. This virus causes painful lesions around the outside of the mouth and on the lips. You can treat a cold sore by using the following:

  • Prescription drugs prescribed by your dentist
  • Topical anesthetics

In some cases, a canker or cold sore that does not heal despite treatment can indicate a severe underlying oral health condition. If your cold or canker sore lasts for more than a week without getting better, contact a dental professional today.

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At BridgeView Dental, our Austin cosmetic dentists are here to provide the best care available to help you recover from cold and canker sores. To speak with a dental professional, call us today at 512-347-8299.

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