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Fire Ants And Sickness

Posted on September 14th, 2013 No Comments

Fire ants are making their presence more and more known across the world. The fire ant has taken the lead when it comes to allergic reactions in adults and children, higher now than bees or wasps. There seems to be an increase of bites that are heard share more details around the country from fire ants and people are starting to become in a panic of what they can do.

Fire ants do not just have the potential to bite someone; they have the potential to kill. Many children that are bitten by fire ants are in need of immediate medical care or they will die. There has been an increased mortality rate from fire ant stings, as well as the transfer of other diseases from the initial bite. Most ants will bite and leave an acid on the skin, but fire ants are different when they sting. A fire ant will bite only to be able to grip the skin better, and then they will sting from their abdomen. The result of the sting from a fire ant is that it will inject a toxin into the skin called piperidine, which can feel like a person is on fire (hence the name). Unfortunately, if you have any allergies to fire ants, this could be a deadly toxin for you.

An allergic reaction is not the only problem that you can experience from fire ant bites. The sting can leave a blister that will fill with pus within 6 to 8 hours and then can stay that way for up to 10 days. The problem with the bite share this website itself is that if it is not kept clean, an infection can manifest in the wound and leave even more problems Check our website than the bite itself. On a more minor scale, a fire ant bite has been known to leave scars that are raised and hard on the skin. There is also a risk of toxin poisoning if there are more than 20 bites on a person’s entire body. Lastly, there is a disease called serum sickness, which is rare with insect bites but is starting to occur more and more. Serum sickness produces flu like symptoms that will passively wait until 10 to 14 days after a person has been bit. The problem with serum sickness is that many people will recognize their illness as the flu and not related to the fire ant, and then the bites may prove to be fatal.

The most important thing to do after you have been bit by fire ants is to make sure that you are clear from them and that none of them are lingering in your clothes or on your skin. You also need to make sure that the bites are as clean as possible because of the pus that will form in the wound. There are many different home remedies and a very few commercial products that are available that can help soothe the sting of the bites. It is important to keep the area clean and dry, and not to scratch the affected area so that there is no lingering chance of further infection.

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