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The One Thing Everyone Wants

Posted on August 27th, 2013 No Comments

Every single human being, every one – no exceptions – all crave, desire, yearn for one thing. A person’s race, ethnicity, or geographic region doesn’t matter or influence this desire in any way. A man’s or a woman’s wealth and riches are of no consequence. Cultural preferences and societal pressures don’t matter. We all, from the oldest among us, to the youngest, want the same thing. We covet, hanker for, and seek out the one elusive but infinitely fulfilling thing: more. Every person longs for, hungers for, seeks after more life. The one thing everyone wants is more.

Human beings for all our diversity and differences are absolutely consistent in wanting more life. We are programmed, designed, to want the same end all life automatically seeks: to have more. Life seeks to grow, to expand, to become in ever increasing measure. While human beings may not interpret the intentions of their personal desires as to develop, grow and become – the irresistible force urging every life to survive and thrive pushes, cajoles and insists that life advances.

Examined from the perspective of an individual organism or an individual life one can say that life is brief, fleeting, and transitory. From an individual perspective desires and yearning seem of little consequence. The achievements and contributions of one life seem to pale into insignificance. But from a broader perspective one can discern a more favorable order, a higher purpose, a complimentary intention and a more profound, mutually beneficial outcome. Life seeks to expand, to grow, to become more. Every individual contributes to the universal expanse. Everyone has a part to play in the great unfolding. Every contribution matters.

Every person wants more, and life love this website wants more for every person. There is no shame in desiring to inhale another breath. There is no depravity is longing for love and intimacy. There is no disgrace in seeking to acquire things, accomplish things, achieve things. There is no dishonor in yearning to have it all. In fact life wants no less than for you to have it all. Rather, shame, depravity, and dishonor are the result of seeking to have it all, not for the glory super mario run hack download no survey of all, but despite all others. Disgrace is seeking fulfillment selfishly rather than selflessly – seeking to have it all for yourself rather than for the benefit of all.

From the most loving and courageous, the most selfless and giving, to the most hateful and fearful, violent and discontented, every one obsesses about getting the same thing – more. Longing for more is a condition of living. From the smallest known biological organisms to the unimaginably vast span of the known universe everything is in motion growing, increasing, expanding. All creatures, all of creation seeks to grow, to multiply, to become more. Life intends to expand

Life is an ever-expanding proposition. Your reason for being, your purpose in life is to grow, to contribute, to become. You are meant to add value. Resisting growth, failing to move forward, destroying instead of building are futile. Life requires growth. Your opportunity and your purpose for being are one and the same: to grow, to become, to have more life and in so doing to add more life. You are meant to contribute in a measure on par with your vast and glorious potential. Choose the right course. Choose the cooking fever cheats gems best course. Fulfill your potential by having it all. Life celebrates your success, for you succeed by giving, by loving, by adding more life.

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