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The Only 3d Software That You Need

Posted on August 24th, 2013 No Comments

Tim Dashwood is a cinematographer. He isn鎶?a software writer. He comes from, as he puts it, 鎻硁 independent world of filmmakers? What that means is he doesn鎶?always have the all the big toys that are needed to get a production done. He has to think outside the box to accomplish what he needs to do the job.

He has taken that spirit into the 3D. His creation 3D Toolbox makes use of the Final Cut Pro Platform and gives 3D shooters and editors an economical professional solution. In other words, he found a need and filled it. 3D Toolbox is by far the best, if not one of the only affordable 3D packages to come out in the new age of 3D. How strong is his software? Panasonic named his company and software as a “Supporting Partner” in their 3D program. This 3D software package is perfect for independent movie makers and documentary filmmakers.

Simply put, 3D Toolbox is the only 3D software that you will need to create stunning 3D content.

Watch the video and Tim will take us through the process of creating 3D content using 3D Stereo Toolbox LE. This is the $99 version of the plug in that allows you to experiment with 3D creation without spending a fortune.

That’s a strong statement, but I have tried many 3D software solutions. Some very expensive such as the Quantel Pablo, Assimilate Scratch, Nuke with the Ocula Plug In. The less expensive software solutions, Cineform Neo3D and Avid. But for the money, none of them can touch 3D Stereo Toolbox Plug In set for Final Cut Pro. I am not taking anything away from the afore mentioned products. They are all fantastic 3D software solutions. The difference is the cost. The price for 3D Stereo Toolbox LE is only $99 and the new Version 2 3D Stereo Toolbox is $1499. The LE version is a good primer for 3D enthusiasts and even pros who want to get their feet wet and learn basic 3D. The full package is an amazing bargain at $1499.

Below is a features list for both the LE and full version 2 software.

1. Stereo3D Toolbox 2 LE (Limited Edition single plug-in filter)

-Available April 12!

-input from L/R image wells or side by side format

-repair vertical, zoom and rotational disparity

-adjust and keyframe convergence

-automatically scales/crops to clean edges

-output as red/cyan anaglyph or side-by-side

-no email or phone tech support (knowledge-base only)

-$99 (20% introductory discount during NAB2010)

2. Stereo3D Toolbox 2 (full suite of plug-in filters & generators)

Available Soon!

Included plug-in filters & generators:

Stereo3D Geometry

-rewritten code cooking fever hack no survey to be much faster than v1!

-repair vertical, zoom, rotational and keystone disparity

-individually adjust left and right eye x/y/z geometry

-input and demux interleaved, side by side or over/under formats or individual L/R

-accepts 2D input for 3D placement

-Flip & Flop Left and/or Right

-Outputs Side by Side, Over/Under, Row Interleaved, Column Interleaved, Checkerboard or Anaglyph

-Fully adjustable anaglyph output includes red/cyan, blue/amber & green/magenta

-Difference mode and superimpose with adjustable opacity for disparity correction

-Solo left or right corrected output

-Globally set output mode

-Coarse and fine control of convergence and y-disparity

-Sub-pixel accuracy

-input sliders in scalable % (for use with low-res offline proxies)

-Master reframe controls (x,y,rotation & scale)

-option to automatically scale and crop to clean edges after adjustments are made

-save user presets (ie. different presets for different sets of lenses or S3D rigs)

-supports XML export to Stereo3D XML Translator app

Stereo3D Text Generator

-place 2D text in 3D space

-suitable for S3D subtitles in 3D space

-select any font or size

-custom color fill and drop shadow

-Outputs Side by Side, Over/Under, Row Interleaved, Column Interleaved, Checkerboard or Anaglyph

-Solo left or right corrected output

-Globally set output mode

Stereo3D Guides Generator

-set target display size (horizontal or diagonal) and resolution

-set native parallax or custom parallax % (0.1% to 10%)

-draws maximum parallax/divergence guides based on display size

-customize number of horizon lines

-displays megapolis cheats hack Native Pixel Parallax in pixels

Stereo3D Image Balance

-adjust picture disparities between left and right eyes

-adjusts overall exposure, shadows and highlights

-RGB & White Balance adjust

-adjust both eyes super mario run hack download no survey simultaneously or individually

Stereo3D Floating Windows

-custom adjust left, right, top, bottom masks

-custom set soft-edge of masks

-animate crop masks with keyframes

Stereo3D Consumer Monitor

-output to non-HD “3D” monitors

-presets for popular brands & models like Hyundai, iZ3D, Zalman, etc.

-uses Desktop Preview in Raw mode via graphics card’s 2nd DVI port

-scale, crop or letterbox to monitor’s native aspect ratio

Stereo3D Ghost Toaster

-generates crosstalk test pattern

-set crosstalk % with slider

-outputs “ghost toasted” side by side, over/under, interleaved or anaglyph

3. Stereo3D Quicktime Coupler

Available Soon!

– set prefix or suffix for left/right identification

– set source and destination folders

– outputs side by side or over/under formats

– app automatically creates stereo-pair reference Quicktimes for instant review

– generated Quicktime reference files can be encoded with compressor to edit-friendly codecs like ProRes422

4. Stereo3D Live Preview

Available Soon!

– Accepts for input:

-two inputs from two Blackmagic-Design Intensity Pro or Decklink Studio cards

-interlaced left/right from SRW-1/SRPC-1 deck

-side by side, over/under or interlaced from stereo-processor box like Stereobrain SB-1 or JVC IF-3D2D1

– Output in ghost-toasted anaglyph, interlaced or side-by-side

– Displays horizon guides and Parallax guides based on target display size

5. Stereo3D XML Translator

Coming Soon!

Translates XML sequence from FCP (that used Stereo3D QT Coupler & Stereo3D Toolbox Geometry plugin) into new Left and Right XMLs with basic motion parameters.


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