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Story Game

Posted on August 22nd, 2013 No Comments

Intro: Car Ride Games These three games are my entries for The Are We There Yet Challenge, so if you like the games please vote. Thomas Edison. This game is about getting back to the original word you started with by think.

This is a memory game. The Players go around saying one word to make up a story, the love this website Checker transcripting it.

Everyone says a word, and when a sentence is over someone says “period””question mark” or “exclamation mark”

Usually I construct 4 or 5 sentences, and at the end, once the story has been written, each player is asked cooking fever cheats for iphone to retell the story. Each player gets a point from the script the Checker made for every word they retell in order correctly. Whoever has the least words correctly has to be the Checker for the next round. The person with the most could get a candy (I give Hershey’s Kisses out).

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