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First Kiss Phobia

Posted on August 18th, 2013 No Comments

Yesterday, I was treated to a free binge drinking session from a guy I barely knows. He鎶?actually was a friend of a friend, who a few weeks back got to witness first hand about how I operate. The poor fellow鎶?jaw dropped down to his chest, as I went over and effortlessly opened up a group of smoking hot babes at a mall and departed with the number a cute, dove-eyed girl in less castleclashhackcheats.xyz/ than three minutes.

While gloating is something that I personally abhor, it did feel good to convert this hitherto disbeliever into a student of the Lay Guide and called up to thank me profusely for helping him get hitched, with a friend whom he had been secretly worshipping since last six months.
First Kiss Phobia

Anyway, that was the reason why he showered me with booze. Or cooking fever cheats gems so I thought. After that I had helped himself to four large long Island Teas, and was in a mighty good mood, the buffoon opened up. He had taken the girl out on no less than three dates and still hadn鎶?managed to tongue her. Gosh, how anatomically clumsy can a person be, to be unable to seal the deal after the third date. Well, I was obviously not quite in the right frame to explain the subtle dynamics of going in for the first kiss, so he promised the fellow to address his problem through an article on the Lay Guide section on OctanMen, free online magazine for men.

First Kiss Freeze
A lot of guys seem to freeze at the thought of going in for the first kiss. And this of course stems from the fear of getting rejected. But guys you need to understand that the worst possible thing that can happen is that she might refuse to kiss you. However, the fact is that if a girl doesn鎶?allow you to kiss her for the first time you try, it doesn鎶?mean that she doesn鎶?want you to.

Few years back, before I became The Player, I went out with a girl I had desired for long time. I tried to kiss her and she pushed me away saying, 鎼榟at are you doing??I was horrified and humiliated, as she was a friend. Well, six months back hooked up again and ended up making out and she said 鎻宱w come it took you three years to try to kiss me again??

What I realized from the incident was that often at times, rejection is nothing more than a temporary delay.
First Kiss Phobia

no means NO?
Society has ingrained in us men, the belief that women have the right to say no, and a no means NO. However, after talking to hundreds of girls more information about it, The Player has realized this is complete rubbish. In more than 80% of the cases, if a girl says no, or turns her head away it just means 鎼時y again, and you will get it.?br />
It鎶?something that even The Player has had to deal with a few times. Sometimes, when I go in for the kiss and the girl turns her head away, I just gallantly back off and continue talking as if I didn鎶?even notice what she did. I look into her eyes, talk for 5 to 10 minutes, and try again鍗唍d get it. The expression on the girl鎶?face is enough to let you know, if you will be playing twister with her tongue. So if she is staying there and is smiling, and is still saying NO?that just means you will get it, but not yet.

When she resists, in most cases its one of 3 things:

1. Kiss wasn鎶?prepared
If you just move in and go for the kill鍗恟鍗ss, it just won鎶?work. What The Player does is that he builds tension for a few minutes before he kisses her. He looks at her lips, maintains strong eye contact and then goes for the kiss. This helps in preparing her emotions for the kiss.

First Kiss Phobia

Kino is abbreviation of the word 鎼唅nesthetics? which essentially means touching. Not enough kino can pose a problem as well. If you haven鎶?touched her even once during the course of the interaction and then go in for the kiss, that鎶?one hell of a leap. To solve this problem, start touching her lightly, on her palm, on the arm, hold her hand, rub her arm, her elbow her back, her hair, her shoulders, her face, wherever. This will make her comfortable with getting touched by you, and she will soon start expecting the kiss ?the next logical step in your relationship.

3. Environmental issues
There are times when its not about you. Perhaps her friends are around or her ex is watching her from a distance鍗沠 there is something about the environment that鎶?making her uncomfortable, then changing the venue is your best possible option.

Earlier The Player used to believe that one needs to build rapport and attraction to kiss girls. But that isn鎶?altogether important. If you are comfortable with the idea and keep your moves smooth, then you can kiss 80% of the girls out there. For them it just happens. Sometimes, may be as easy as logging on to Octanmen, free online men鎶?magazine.

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