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The Octagon and the Noble 8 Fold Path

Posted on August 16th, 2013 No Comments

The martial arts is rich with the teaching of the Buddha, the teaching of the movement of the octagon is no exception. What is the origin of the Octagon in martial arts training? It’s movement is based on the teaching of the 8 Fold Path. If you follow this path you will live a happy life, likewise if you understand movement in the Octagon you will be safe from your attacker. The 8 paths are grouped into 3 headings.
1. Right View – The 1st part of the path concerns “Right View”. Does a person go though his or her life with the right view of life in mind? Are they a positive person or a negative person. From the martial arts standpoint does the practitioner have the correct view of the conflict? Things are not always as they appear to be.
2. Right Intention – Is a person living their life with the right intention? The Buddhist view is to live a life in the intention of compassion. From the martial arts standpoint the warrior must have the correct intentions in battle or death is assured.
Ethical Conduct
1. Right Speech – In Buddhist life correct or right speech is very important. A person should always be careful of his speech as to not hurt the other person with words. From the martial arts standpoint a person can end a conflict with his verbal skills. This is megapolis cheats always better than resorting to violence.
2. Right Action – The Buddhist is always careful to control his or her actions. This is a basic law of Karma, cause and effect. The warrior also knows that his action fall into Karma as well. He must always be just in his actions.
3. Right Livelihood – The correct job or career is important for anyone. There is nothing worse than doing something you hate. The wrong livelihood will effect loved ones and friends as well. For the martial artist or warriors this path is clear. Your must train diligently and love the path you have chosen, otherwise you could endanger yourself.
Mental Discipline
* Right Effort – The Buddhist will always give the right effort in everything they do. Without right effort, there is no point in continuing the task. Wrong effort is much like lying. For the martial artist this is also true. Right effort in practice is imperative to being safe in the outside world and in the battle camp hack cheats tool Dojo.
* Right Mindfulness – Where is your mind? Are you in the moment, living in the now, or are you in the past, maybe the future. yu gi oh duel links cheats The only time that matters is this moment. This is also true for the warrior.
* Right Concentration – Are you concentrating solely on the task at hand? This goes hand in hand with right mindfulness. The warrior will die in battle if he is not concentrating on the task at hand.
From a physical aspect the Octagon has angles to move in, which will either allow escape or attack. The theories of movement are too complex for this essay. However the philosophy of the Nobel 8 Fold Path, or the Octagon are not. Living with these “Natural Laws” in mind will not only lead to a happy and prosperous life, but for those on the martial path it will lead to a safe and long life as well.

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