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Online Gaming Market Continues To Be A Safe Bet

Posted on August 13th, 2013 No Comments

Sometimes it can seem like the online gaming market is under siege. There are new regulations being passed on a regular basis, and the marketplace seems to be constantly shifting. This has left some companies reluctant to get into the online wagering business ?thinking that it might not have true growth potential or meet their profit expectations.

But, the truth is that online gaming is a growing market and one of the most reliable ways for companies to generate income from Internet-based companies. No matter what the critics may believe, online gaming is here to stay – and companies that are willing to invest in developing a safe and secure gaming site can expect to see continued growth for years to come.

There are many reasons why industry experts, including the online consultancy group H2GC.com and BOOKIE.ch, a leading developer of online gaming software, expect the gaming market to continue to expand.

The first is the fact that in the coming years, more people in more countries will have access to smart phones and similar mobile devices. This will make it far easier http://www.dominationshackcheatsz.xyz/dominationshack/ to access gaming sites during the course of their day and make spontaneous wagers.

The second factor is increased trust by the public in secure online transactions. For years, people click this site were spooked by media reports of credit card information being stolen when they make or receive payments online. But as people become more accustomed to shopping online, this translates into greater trust across nearly all online transactions including wagering. Their trust is not misplaced, as 256-bit encryption has become the norm and shopping online is virtually as safe as doing so in a retail outlet.

Better marketing methods are also a factor in the expansion of the online gaming market. The industry has moved beyond spam and other intrusive advertising methods that have put off potential customers in the past. More sophisticated marketing will bring many new players to gaming in the years to come.

Perhaps most importantly, changing consumer demographics will buoy the industry. When online gambling first emerged as a market force, the majority of punters were in the 18-25 age bracket. These players have continued to wager online as they’ve gotten older, and new players ages 18-25 continue to enter the marketplace. The result is sustained growth by keeping existing customers and bringing new generations of betters into the mix.

Finally, traditional brick-and-mortar betting shops are now bringing their business online. People already have trust and respect for these betting shops, and their entry to the online wagering industry brings increased credibility to the entire marketplace.

So, how does this translate into real numbers – and what can animal jam hack investors and companies expect from the online gaming industry in the future?

Well, between 2009 and 2010, online Gross Gaming Yield (GGY) grew 12 percent to a total of roughly $21.4 billion. This number is expected to grow roughly 7 percent each year before crossing the $30 billion milestone in 2015.

These numbers may, in fact, end up being low. They assume that online gambling will continue to be illegal in the United States. Should the U.S. open up their markets to Internet wagering, growth would be exponentially higher.

It may also be interesting for people and companies considering entering the online gaming business to know how the numbers break down over different sectors of the industry.

Betting on the outcome of sporting events is the largest part of the industry, comprising 48.1 percent market share and generating $10.5 billion GGY in 2010. Casino style games, meanwhile, make up 23.5 percent of the market, representing $5.1 billion of GGY. Poker currently takes up about 17.2 percent of the marketplace.

But this does not tell the whole story, because different sectors of the marketplace are expected to grow at different rates over the coming years. Here is the breakdown of the expected annual growth rate of each sector of the industry between now and 2015:

?Sporting Events ?5 percent growth per year.

?Casino Games ?9.3 percent growth per year.

?Poker ?10. percent growth per year.

The bottom line is that the overall trends in online game suggest it is a safe industry to enter, and that growth can be expected to continue for years to come because the market is far from saturated.

This is why companies that want to make money online and deliver ever-growing financial returns consider online gaming to be a safe bet.

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