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Spyder Paintball Gun Reviews

Posted on July 31st, 2013 No Comments

?The Kingman Spyder EM1

The Kingman EMI is an electronic marker. And Kingman line鎶?top rated paintball gun. This is more expensive than the other paintball markers from Kingman; however, it is still relatively cheap when compared to the other electronic markers in the marker today. It is priced at roughly 1/3 the price of an Angel paintball gun.

The Kingman Spyder EMI comes with a two way single solenoid valve. This maximizes the marker鎶?efficiency, durability as well as improves the marker鎶?consistency when it comes to velocity. This more details paintball gun features a wide selection of firing modes and rates of fire. These are the semi automatic, the three round burst, the six round burst, the turbo rate (twice the normal rate of fire), and the full auto.

The Kingman Spyder has a maximum of 20 shots per second. This is one of the fastest rates available. It has a fully variable trigger pull, a spring back Delron Venturi Bolt, an OTP premium ported barrel, a stainless steel hammer, a vertical feed and a regulator with a gauge that shows up to 1200 psi. This marker features a 12?barrel, with an over all length of 19 绱?and is weighted at approximately 2.9 lbs without the air tank. The Kingman Spyder EMI is very easy to clean and maintain.

This gun has an amazing firing rate, shoots accurately, is very quiet and is built to last. This gun also doesn鎶?need a lot of upgrades since it performs really well right out of the box, however, if you are not seriously into tournament games, then you might want to consider buying another kind of gun.

?The Kingman Spyder AMG LCD

The Kingman AMG LCD is a great choice for newbies to the game of paintball. This gun is also a good choice for recreational players, but can be used competitively in the tournament field if modified and upgraded. But the production of the Kingman Spyder AMG LCD paintball gun has been discontinued, but this gun can still be found in paintball gun sales.

Sold for an approximate amount of $190 – $220, the Kingman Spyder AMG LCD is built with an Electronic trigger frame with a dual finger trigger. This marker also features several firing modes: semi automatic, three round, six round and a full auto firing mode. It is built with an LCD Screen, an in-line regulator with a gauge, an expansion chamber located in the gun鎶?fore grip. It features a vertical feed and the AMG elite drop forward. It has an anti double feed mechanism and runs on a 9.6 volt battery. It also comes with a charger and is available in two colors: black and blue.

The Spyder AMG LCD has a high firing rate and also has a good click this website accuracy if fitted with the right upgrades. share this site You might need to use an electro hopper and replace the barrel. A Ventura bolt and the installation of a new barrel can also quiet down the gun. This marker is also rather consistent, but the use of compressed air is sure to make its performance go up another level. This marker is also durable and easy to maintain.

To make your Kingman Spyder AMG LCD work better, replace the barrel to increase the accuracy and to reduce the noise the gun produces upon firing. Also use another hopper that can keep up with the gun鎶?rate of fire. You should also use compressed air when using the Kingman Spyder AMG LCD.

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